Roof renovations

SJL Home Improvements are professional Thermalite roof coating installers. Thermalite roof coating is a premium waterproof and thermal heating roof coating application which has been specially developed for residential and commercial use.

It is a great choice for a low cost, alternative to re-roofing. Thermalite roof coating contains highly effective anti-mold, anti-fungal and anti-lichen protection.
Thermalite roof coating reduces heat loss through roof tiles in winter by a considerably noticeable amount; saving hundreds of pounds every year off your energy bills.

Roof renovations

Why choose Thermalite Roof Coating?

  • Provides a ‘good as new’ looking roof
  • Total rejuvenation of your roof
  • Total UK weather proofing
  • Reduces heat loss in winter
  • Reduces your energy bills
  • Reduces heat gain in summer

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We have found that our protection system, which is unique to SJL Home Improvements, offers the highest level of breathability, durability and protection. Other coatings developed for nationwide uses do not have the same formula that we have perfected with help from specialist laboratories for the specific air pollution and climate created in Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool, Chester, and its suburbs.

Our process:

  • Prepare site
  • Remove dirt, moss and lichen
  • Clean roof
  • Full roof inspection and report
  • Replace any cracked or broken roof tiles
  • Re-point all sand and cement works
  • Apply anti-fungal solution
  • Apply primer coating
  • Apply first protection coating
  • Apply second protection coating to seal
  • Tidy site and remove all debris
  • Client approval and 10-year guarantee issued.

Roof renovations